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Sharing Smiles Gallery

Sharing Smiles Gallery

This gallery is where we get to show you some of the magic we have performed. Our team of cosmetic and specialist dentists have either individually or collaboratively combined to give our patients beautiful new smiles, using all their skill and experience. Click on the treatments below to see specific ‘before and after’ pictures and testimonials.Each dentist involved in the smile makeovers is credited.

  • “Children at school make fun of my fangs!”
    was the complaint from this young lady aged 11 years old.
    Parents were concerned as Sarah was beginning to become self-conscious and would not smile for photos. Dr Wong treated this patient with fixed clear upper braces and lower metal braces. Space creation was needed and involved the loss of a tooth on the upper left and upper right side of the mouth.
    17 months and 2 weeks later this young lady emerged from the surgery with her life changing smile. “Sarah is so much more confident and smiles without any inhibitions, we are so pleased with the result” declared her parents. Sarah now loves her new smile!

  • “My bite is uncomfortable and I have difficulty biting into apples”
    was the complaint from this 14 year old boy.
    The dentist was concerned about the excessive wear on the front teeth in such a young patient as a result of the incorrect bite at the front of the mouth. Dr Wong treated this patient with no extractions. An upper removable brace was fitted initially to correct the bite. Then Toby was fitted with upper and lower clear fixed braces. Toby was especially conscious of his teeth so opted for white wires which are aesthetically superior.
    15 months and 3 weeks later, Toby smiled at his mum with his healthy and happy smile. The dentist was very happy with the result as he was reassured that the excessive wear would no longer continue and further shortening of the front teeth was no longer a problem for this young man.

  • “My upper teeth are too long and my bite does not feel right”
    was the concern from 16 year old Joseph.

    Dr Wong treated this patient with upper and lower clear fixed braces. Space creation was required in the top jaw and involved the loss of a tooth on the upper left and upper right. 19 months later the patient beamed with her new smile.

  • “My friends say I look like a bunny rabbit”
    declared 12 year old Carly.
    One tooth from each corner of the mouth was removed to make space to allow the creation of this beautiful smile in 20 months. Upper and lower clear fixed braces were fitted. Carly still likes rabbits but is pleased that she has a smile that she can be proud of.